Menu À la carte

What you can taste, sitting at the Bistrot

Essenza Bistrot english menu Italiano?

Essenza Bistrot sala


Raw scampi slices, apple vinegar sauce and cauliflower crudités

Red snapper tartare, strawberry juice, onion and celery salad

Cherry tomato gazpacho soup, fish crudités and roots

Marinated and seared scallops in campari, orange and lettuce heart

Knife-ground raw meat, peach salad with basil and red vermouth reduction

Essenza Bistrot antipasto


"Selezione Verrigni” spaghetti, garlic, oil, chili pepper and spider crab 

Durum wheat paccheri pasta, in sea and saffron sauce 

Pea cream risotto, steamed cod and candied lemon 

Red prawn tortelloni in coconut and ginger soup with roots

Zucchini cream, courgette flowers with sheep's ricotta and seared prawns 

Essenza Bistrot antipasto


Sliced Sea bream, seared spinach and shallot sauce


Tentacle of octopus, scorched leek and trumpet zucchini with seasoned bread


Seared Yellowfin tuna with Sicilian caponata and fried basil


Veal fillet with asparagus, Porto sauce and foie gras
(7-12)  €30

Sliced Amberjack, shallot with raspberry vinegar, Champagne sauce and gold leaf


Essenza Bistrot secondo


Raw red prawns, Tropea onion and passion fruit
(2)  €18

Salt cod brandade, fine peas juice and black rice wafer
(1-4-5-7)  €16

Spaghetti Chitarra, smoked eel, fresh spring onion and chili pepper
(1-3-4-7)  €18

Squid ink spaghetti with fresh tuna, capers and lemon
(1-4-12)  €18

Deep fried calamari with lime mayonnaise and crispy vegetables
(1-2-4-5-8)  €24

Piglet with Vernaccia wine and “Morgan’s” mixed pickled vegetables
(12)  €24

Classic Moka Tiramisù
(3-7)  10

Chocolate custard, hazelnut mousse and coffee slushie
(1-4)  €10

Essenza Bistrot secondo


Caprese salad with Camona tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil
(7)  €14

Veal carpaccio with artichokes and flakes of Parmesan 36 months
(7)  €16

“Verrigni Selection” Spaghettoro Carbonara with “Salis” pork cheek and Pienza pecorino cheese
(1-3-7-12)  €16

Culurgiones (homemade fresh stuffed pasta?) with fresh tomatoes and mint leaves sauce
(1-7)  €16

Breaded veal cutlet with rocket, Grana cheese and date tomatoes
(1-3-5-7)  €24

Steer rib eye with grilled vegetables and sauces of the house
(3-5-6)  €28

Baba au rhum with fresh cream and strawberry
(1-3-5-7-8-12-13)  €10

Seadas of Gallura with chestnut honey
(1-7)  €10

Essenza Bistrot dessert


White chocolate mousse with a green apple heart and hazelnut crumble
(1-7-8-12)  €10

Coconut Bavarese, pineapple soup and Maraschino liqueur
(7-12)  €10

Ricotta and pear cake with 72% chocolate fondue
(1-7-8-12)  €10

Fresh Moscato zabaglione flamed with meringue and dried fruit
(3-8-12)   €8

Cocoa tart, lemon custard and strawberries
(1-3-7-8)  €10